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July 2018 | Election of new Supervisory Board Members

On its General Assembly in June 2018 in Munich the WEEE Europe shareholders have elected Danilo Bonato and Mark Burrows-Smith as new members of the Supervisory Board.

They replace Phil Morton and Andreas Röthlisberger who resigned after several years of great support and commitment to the company's development.

Danilo Bonato was then also elected as new Vice Chairman of the Board.

We would like to thank the leaving Board Members for their support and look forward to a continuous excellent cooperation with the Board in its new composition.

June 2018 | New WEEE legislation – shift to „Open Scope“ starts on 15.08.2018

Whatever electrical equipment – if not explicitly excluded it will be in the scope of the WEEE Directive starting from 15.08.2018 in all EU Member States.

In order to inform you about the changes and necessary action to be taken WEEE Europe has created a white paper with all relevant information and indicating need for action. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions.

info@weee-europe.com or +49/89 20 70 42 711

Download Whitepaper >>

September 2016 | Unique Reporting Tool for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and Batteries in Europe goes online

During July 2016 WEEE Europe AG in Munich succeeded in bringing an unrivalled, highly innovative international reporting tool to market. The first customers have already signed up for the new service and started using the system.

Manufacturers, Online retailers and Importers (all being “producers” in terms of the European WEEE Directive) who are active in various EU member states and need to fulfil their legal obligation to report volumes of EEE and Batteries are confronted with a large amount of different regulations depending on the related national law.

In particular, it is necessary to allocate all products that are in scope of the WEEE Directive into different local reporting categories, which can be far more than 100 different (sub-) categories depending on the country and Take Back System the producer has a contract with. In this regard there is nothing like a common European market and pan-European analysis of data is difficult.

Therefore, WEEE Europe and our shareholders and partners (Take Back Scheme e.g. REPIC, in country, e.g. UK) were striving from the very beginning to offer a simple and cost-effective solution in a one-stop-shop approach to allow producers to comply with their reporting obligations.

For that purpose an online-tool was developed that significantly simplifies the process of product allocation and in addition allows a unified and simple way of declaring put on the market volumes to all WEEE Europe partners throughout Europe within one unique IT system.

The tool is available for use by companies of any size and is especially useful for online retailers searching for a cost-effective solution to deal with the complexities and challenges of the highly diverse national legislation in Europe they need to deal with.
After an extensive and successful testing phase the tool is now online. Both the WEEE Europe team in Munich as well as your contact persons at the Partner Schemes in the country are looking forward to answering your questions and providing all information about the additional services we are able to provide to your company across the EU markets where you are active.

About the company WEEE Europe AG

WEEE Europe AG was founded in 2013 in Munich. Partners of WEEE Europe are 18 of the largest and most influential European take-back systems. WEEE Europe AG supports its business partners with efficient processes to ensure compliance with legal obligations under the EU WEEE Directive and its relevant different national implementations. Its service also includes waste management solutions for batteries.

“All members / partners”:21-1-partner-european-take-back-solutions.html

October 2015 I WEEE legislation: Challenge for Online Sellers

Probably by end of October 2015 Germany will transpose the European WEEE Directive into national legislation as one of the last EU Member States. The “ElektroG2” will have some important implications for producers:

  • All producers who do not have a legal seat in Germany will either need to establish a branch office or appoint a so-called Authorised Representative to represent them versus the German authorities
  • Especially companies who are using ways of distance communication (Online Seller) distributing products to end-consumers from abroad are also covered by this obligation
  • Existing registrations from foreign producers will need to be changed and an Authorised Representative to be appointed

As required by the European WEEE Directive most of the EU Member States had already implemented those changes within the last 18 months, therefore similar legal obligations are already existing all over Europe.

WEEE Europe supports producers with both the necessary local registrations and contracts with its Member Schemes as well as solutions for the required Authorised Representative.

October 2015 I WEEE Europe welcomes Recupel as
17th Member in Europe

WEEE Europe supports manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers as well as distributors of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), with presence in several European countries simultaneously to comply with their obligations on WEEE and Batteries.

With Recupel as Take Back Scheme operating on the territory of Belgium a new and important partner has recently joined the network.

“With now 17 Member Schemes in 16 countries we are able to offer our clients an efficient one-stop-shop service and consider ourselves well established within Europe.” explains CEO Christian Ludwig

For producer without an own legal entity in those countries covered by the WEEE Europe Members also solutions for the appointment of an Authorised Representative can be provided.

July 2014 | Election of new Supervisory Board

On its first General Assembly on 25.06.2014 in Munich the WEEE Europe shareholders have elected a new supervisory board as follows: Christian Brabant, Andreas Röthlisberger, Peer Lund-Thomsen, Jan Vlak, Andrés Martínez and Phil Morton. We would like to thank Danilo Bonato for his strong support and commitment and welcome Andres Martinez as new member of the supervisory board. Christian Brabant and Andreas Röthlisberger have been re-elected as Chairman and Vice Chairman.

January 2014 | Joint Venture by leading European take-back systems: the new service provider WEEE Europe

Since the review of the European WEEE Directive (1) did not bring the much longed-for simplifications, leading European take-back systems have now for the first time bundled together their high national performance. The newly founded Joint Venture WEEE Europe with headquarters in Munich will enable producer and other market players to fulfil the various national requirements in an easy, one-stop-shop way.

Manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers as well as distributors of electric appliances and electronic devices, who are active in several European countries, are constantly confronted with countless national laws. Every country has different requirements regarding registration and put on the market reporting when launching new products in order to ensure the proper collection and disposal at their end of life.

Christian Ludwig, CEO at WEEE Europe AG, is certain the planned services will be a great success: “The administrative cost for all market players is huge – from mid-tier businesses to major corporations. Our aim is to simplify processes and to offer efficient solutions to fulfil the various national registration and reporting requirements at a competitive price.”

The founders and members of WEEE Europe – nine of the largest and most capable European take-back systems – stand for high process quality and for complying with international waste disposal standards. As not-for-profit businesses founded by manufacturers, they work cost-effectively. This also applies to WEEE Europe AG. Discussions with new Take Back Scheme Members are on their way. The aim is to provide an effective, efficient Europe-wide coverage of service, once operational activities start.