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Relevant Laws

As a prerequisite for selling electric appliances in EU member states, the WEEE Directive obliges manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) to take back and recycle all types of end of life products. Similar requirements are defined by the European Battery Directive.

Relevant lawa

European Union

Directive on batteries and accumulators and waste batteries and accumulators 2006/66EC [English] Download >>
Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) 2012/19EU [English] Download >>

The EU directives are differently transposed into national law in each and every member state so that following regulations apply in the various countries:


Battery Regulation [German] Download >>
WEEE Regulation [German] Download >>
Waste Management Act [German] Download >>


Royal decree on the placing on the market of batteries and accumulators 2009-1255 [French/Flemish] Download >>
Royal decree on the prevention of dangerous substances on WEEE 2004-4180 [French/Flemish] Download >>
Ordinance of the Government Brussels-Capital Region on Waste 2002-3363 [French/Flemish] Download >>

Czech Republic

Decree on batteries and accumulators 170/2010 [Czech] Download >>
Decree on WEEE 352/2005 [Czech] Download >>
Law on waste 184/2014 [Czech] Download >>


Statutory Order on batteries and accumulators 1186/2009 [English] Download >>
Statutory Order on WEEE 130/2014 [English] Download >>
Consolidated environmental protection act 698/1998 [English] Download >>


Government Decree on batteries and accumulators 520/2014 [Finnish] Download >>
Government Decree on WEEE 519/2014 [Finnish] Download >>
Waste act 646/2011 [Finnish] Download >>


Environmental Code – Section 7 Batteries and accumulators Article R543-124 to 134 [French] Download >>
Environmental Code – Section 2 Design, production and distribution of WEEE Article L541-10-2 [French] Download >>
Environmental Code – Sub section 2 Provisions related to WEEE Article R543-172 to 206-4 [French] Download >>
Decree on the registration and reporting for batteries and accumulators [French] Download >>


Act Governing the sale and disposal of batteries and accumulators [German] Download >>
Act Governing the sale and disposal of WEEE [German] Download >>


Statutory instruments Batteries and accumulators 283/2014 [English] Download >>
Statutory instruments WEEE 149/2014 [English] Download >>


Legislative Decree on batteries and accumulators 188/08 [Italian] Download >>
Legislative Decree on WEEE 49/14 [Italian] Download >>
Decree on the establishment and operation of the national register for the management of WEEE 185/07 [Italian] Download >>


Regulation on batteries and accumulators 2008088170/2008 [Dutch] Download >>
Regulation on WEEE 14758/2014 [Dutch] Download >>


Regulations relating to the recycling of waste – Chapter 3 Batteries 989/2012 [Norwegian] Download >>
Regulations relating to the recycling of waste – Chapter 1 WEEE 754/2006 [Norwegian] Download >>


Law on Batteries and accumulators 2009/79 [Polish] Download >>
Law on WEEE 2015/1688 [Polish] Download >>
Law on WEEE 2005/79 [Polish] Download >>


RO_GEO NO 5 regarding WEEE Download >>
RO_Decision No. 1132 20080918 regarding battery and waste of battery Download >>


Law on Waste 79/2015 [Slovakian] Download >>


Royal decree on batteries and accumulators 106/2008 [Spanish] Download >>
Royal decree on WEEE 110/2015 [Spanish] Download >>


Regulation on producer responsibility for batteries (2008: 834) [Swedish] Download >>
Regulation on producer responsibility for WEEE (2014: 1075) [Swedish] Download >>


Ordinance on Risk Reduction related to chemicals Batteries 814.81 [French/German] Download German >>
  Download French>>
Ordinance on the return, recovery and disposal of WEEE 814.620 [French/German] Download German >>
  Download French>>

United Kingdom

Statutory Instruments The Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009/890 [English] Download >>
Statutory Instruments The WEEE Regulations 2013/3113 [English] Download >>