Analysis & Consulting

To start with, we analyse your organizational structure and your distribution channels and thus check your status as a producer. In addition, we examine your product range and tell you which product families/groups fall within the scope of the various statutory regulations.
As a result, you will receive an overview of all obligations and costs in each of the relevant countries. Based on this analysis, we work together with you to identify the European countries in which we should prepare a registration for you or where alternative approaches make sense.

Contract Coordination

We prepare all the necessary contracts for you and organize your registration with Producer Responsibility Organisations (PRO) and national registries. In addition, we provide you with authorised Representatives for all countries in which you do not have a branch office but still require registration.

Product Categorization

Depending on the legal situation or legal interpretation in the country concerned, we support you in allocating your products to the correct category, with a choice of up to 120 different registration categories per country. Allocation of the products in your portfolio is required in each country in order to submit correct declarations, which are subject to sporadic checks and audits.

Declaration Platform

Simply use our digital declaration platform to make a central, uniform declaration of the sales volumes you have put on the market. We then process the data securely and forward it in the correct format to the Producer Responsibility Organisations (PRO) throughout Europe in time to meet any deadlines. A sophisticated security concept guarantees a high level of integrity for your confidential company data.