Many countries – different statutory requirements.
What you need to know now

Virtually every product is placed on the market with accompanying packaging. Also in this field the law obliges producers in Europe to ensure environmentally compatible take-back so that packaging can be recycled back into the production cycle as valuable raw materials, thus conserving resources and protecting the environment.

In much the same way as with Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Batteries, the market participant who places Packaging on the market for the first time in a given country is also considered a producer in the packaging sector for the purposes of the law. This means that every WEEE and Battery producer is essentially also considered a producer of Packaging.

Your obligations include:

  • Reviewing the scope of application and any exemptions or de minimis thresholds you may be able to claim
  • Registering with national registers
  • Financing take-back and recycling
  • Appointing an Authorised Representative
  • Making Put on Market declarations
  • Various information obligations
  • Mandatory product labelling / national labels

What products are affected by the legislation?

A distinction is made between different types of packaging:

  • By material:
    • Paper, cardboard, cardboard boxes
    • Plastic
    • Glass
    • Metal
    • Composite materials
    • etc.
  • By intended use:
    • Sales packaging
    • Transport packaging
    • etc.

The differences between individual countries are particularly marked when it comes to packaging, so it is necessary to analyse your precise situation in detail. Our packaging specialists will expertly and professionally guide you through the various local requirements, making sure that you are fully aware of

  • all key aspects (but only as many as are necessary),
  • those aspects that are relevant to you (as few as possible).

In this way we make sure right from the start that you only deal with countries and packaging types for which you actually have obligations.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to have a word with us.