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As a manufacturer, online retailer, importer or exporter of Electrical or Electronic Equipment, you are faced with a wide and complex range of questions and legal requirements regarding the environmentally compatible take-back and recycling of products throughout Europe.

The weee EUROPE team will be glad to provide you with reliable answers and tailored solutions in cooperation with our partner network of leading European collection systems for WEEE, Batteries and Packaging.

Your obligations include:

  • Reviewing the scope of your product portfolio and any exemptions you may be able to claim
  • Registering with national registers / disclosure of registration numbers
  • Financing take-back and recycling
  • Appointing an Authorised Representative
  • Providing an insolvency-proof guarantee
  • Making Put on Market declarations
  • Various information obligations
  • Mandatory product labelling

What products are affected by the legislation?

In general, the law affects products that

  • equire electrical current or electromagnetic fields in order to operate,
  • lie within the voltage range of < 1000 V (AC) or < 1500 V (DC) and
  • are not subject to any exception.

Equipment for private use (B2C) and products for purely commercial applications (B2B) are both covered by the law, although the examples cited in the legislation are mostly B2C products, which frequently leads to misunderstandings.

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